3 Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials 


Testimonials where your loyal customers speak in their own words about their success, gives you, your company, and your solutions tremendous credibility. Your prospective customers can visualize a successful result through testimonials and it will help you accelerate through your sales cycle. It can also reduce any perceived risk in doing business with your company. 


A video testimonial puts a real face on your mutual success and helps project confidence in you and your team. Don’t be shy about using video testimonials. They don’t have to be an exact fit to your prospective customer’s business. 


If a customer won’t agree to record a video testimonial to publicly go on record about their success, or if it’s not practical for them to do so, learn to tell their success story yourself, and then record your own videos to re-tell the story… you can make it anonymous, by leaving out the actual name of the customer. Just be sure your story is factual and can be proven later as needed. 


Your video only needs to be a couple of minutes long. The testimonial can begin by setting the stage about how the customer had an important business issue to solve, what problems the issue caused, and how you came to the rescue to help them attain substantial benefits. Be specific about the value your customer gained because you served as a partner to help them achieve the value. 


You might even consider recording your video in an area that is related to your story (like a warehouse, an auditorium, or an office setting). You can make it informal… set the backdrop in your own office, at an outdoor restaurant, at a train station, or even outdoors on a walking trail.   


In any case, you will find that these customer testimonials are as good as gold. 


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2 A Powerful Opening

A Powerful Opening


For every customer interaction, you must start out strong… Whether your meeting is face-to-face, a remote web conference, a phone call, or even an email or text message. Spend time to craft a powerful “opening.” 


Your customer or prospective customer could be one person or many, and they will evaluate your worth, your message, and its importance within the first 30 seconds of your meeting. You have one chance—one opportunity to captivate them. Don’t waste it. Don’t lose your audience right off the bat with a tired, boring opening. 


The most important thing is what you do or say right at the beginning, so 

– Forget the warm-up, 

– Forget making small talk, 

– Forget starting with a joke or a so-called ice-breaker, 

– Forget doing your introductions, yakking about your background, droning on about your company mission, your impressive list of customers, or spending ten minutes chatting about each agenda item… Those add up to a giant YAWN… you are about to put your audience to SLEEP. 


Instead, in those first 30 seconds, when you have their undivided attention, give them something that captivates them to quickly engage them. 


Because it’s not about you… it’s about them… Nobody cares about you until you give them something they should care about. 


Here’s an example of a captivating Opener… as the salesperson opens a customer meeting like this:


“What if… What if you could reduce your shipping costs by 10 percent? What would that be worth to your company? Later, we will explain how some of our other customers worked with us to achieve exactly that. 

Stay tuned.” 


See what happened here? You can envision how this can be a great way to get the customer yearning to learn more and set the tone for more in-depth discussion… Because you got them engaged right at the beginning.


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1 Highlight Your Competitive Differentiators


“When you don’t differentiate your solution, you could be selling for your competition”

That’s right. You might get your customer excited about a solution similar to yours, but because you didn’t differentiate, your customer could perceive that all solutions are equal and then select your competitor. 

When your customer says “I can’t tell the difference… you all look the same…” they are likely to go with the lowest price, or the local provider, or the sales team they like best.

To avoid your customer’s “you all look the same” reasoning…

1) First, Show how your message is different from your competitors. 

Are you all saying the same thing? 

2) Then, look at What is unique about you, your company, and your solution. 

Identify how you can effectively articulate your unique advantages. 

3) Finally, back it up.. determine how you can prove those capabilities.

– It is your responsibility to make sure that your customer can tell the difference… Don’t assume they will just figure it out themselves… 

Spell it out clearly… drive those points home throughout your communication. 

Brainstorm ideas on the best ways to Highlight Your Competitive Differentiators. 

– Why would your customer buy from you, instead of from your competitors?

– What is unique that makes you the best choice? 

– What can you prove to be unique, different and better?

Get creative. Competitive advantages are a lot more than just product superiority. 

– Your Sales Team could be a competitive advantage… based on your responsiveness, your industry expertise, and how you guide your customer after the sale. 

– Or, Your organization’s commitment to continued investment could be very important – so your solution will remain relevant and won’t become obsolete. 

– Finally, articulate a strong vision for the future – this demonstrates that your organization is forward thinking and positions you as a long-term business partner that stays on top of emerging trends. 

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