186 ENCORE-The Coming Threat AI Part 2

The Coming Threat – Artificial Intelligence PART 2


This is Part 2 of a three part briefing on the Coming Threat of AI.


There are Four Reasons that such a Selling Revolution is on its Way.


1) Low Productivity and High Turnover in the Sales Force 


Sales organizations suffer here as companies usually operate with an extremely short-term mindset. They look to technology that can reduce the overall cost of sales.


2) Social Communication Trends


Non-vocal communication is now acceptable for interaction with customers. Conversations that once required a face-to-face meeting or a phone call can now usually be handled through  email or text messaging. The relationship with a customer becomes very impersonal and, of course, less effective.


3) Customer Buying Trends


It is now easier than ever for customers to buy without having a sales professional engaged every step of the way. Customers often conduct their own web-based research to figure out what they think they need, and then bring in salespeople at the last minute.


4) Emergence of Advanced Technologies


Which are available today and are converging to form the foundation of sales process automation. This includes: 

  • Smart communication between machines and humans that conduct conversations to simulate human interaction.
  • Cognitive reasoning that “thinks” like a human brain to evaluate multiple alternatives and determine the best response.
  • Advanced analysis of large volumes of data to predict the most likely outcome and make the best possible recommendation.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems having robust databases that are widely used today by sales teams large and small.
  • Cloud Technology, an environment that supports ready access to these capabilities from any device anywhere in the world.


The coming transformation of sales functions won’t happen overnight… but the progression will have a dramatic impact on the sales force.


… We’ll continue this discussion on AI in sales in the next flash briefing. 


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185 ENCORE-The Coming Threat Ai Part1

The Coming Threat – Artificial Intelligence PART 1


This is Part 1 of a three part briefing.


“Will your job be eliminated by the upcoming technology revolution being driven by Artificial Intelligence?”

This question is often splashed across the news media and you may have wondered what, if anything, it means to you personally.

As a business-to-business (B2B) sales professional, you might believe that you won’t be impacted by current major advances in technology, including robotics, automation, and what is referred to as Artificial Intelligence, or AI. Many expect AI to dramatically change the makeup of the workforce in the near future and to fundamentally alter how human workers are utilized—and even to determine whether they will be needed to perform certain jobs. 

If you believe your sales job isn’t vulnerable to the upcoming shift in how salespeople work, think again! 

During the 1980s and 1990s, when our economy was fueled by the industrial sector, millions of manufacturing jobs disappeared because of automation. Production tasks previously performed by humans were overtaken by robots, computers, and other advanced equipment. Productivity soared, quality increased, and costs were dramatically reduced. But these technologies also meant fewer humans were needed to produce goods. Factories that previously operated with thousands of workers often required fewer than half of that number to manufacture at a higher level of output.

A revolution that draws parallels to manufacturing automation is poised to occur in today’s sales-centric, services-based economy. Simply put, Artificial Intelligence could eliminate nearly half of the sales force in three to five years. Many current sales positions will become obsolete for the same reasons that technology enabled our economy to advance past the labor-intensive manufacturing base.


I’m DJ Sebastian… and we’ll continue this discussion on AI in sales in the next flash briefing. 


For more info on how AI is fundamentally transforming  the sales profession, check out my book at my website at thetechseller.com


184 ENCORE-A Theme for your Pursuit

A Theme for your Pursuit

Our team was preparing for an important meeting with customer executives. Our sales lead asked our sponsor within the customer’s company for guidance so we could confirm what we needed to accomplish in the meeting and gain their commitment for the deal. 

Our customer sponsor told us this:

“It’s Simple.”

“Trust Your Game.

Bring Your Game.

And you will 

Win The Game.”

We believed we had a well-thought-out plan, but unexpected events and unforeseen circumstances occurred throughout our sales cycle and our engagement with this customer. There was some adversity along the way and even though we had a solid plan, we were still uneasy and it impacted our confidence. 

The important thing is not the circumstances that created the adversity—it’s how you respond to that adversity. Always consider that adversity is the preparation needed for greatness.

We won this deal and then adopted this theme as a motto for future opportunities… Each time we ran into adversity in a sales opportunity, we called up our customer’s sage advice: 

Trust your game, 

Bring your game,

And you will 

Win the game. 

Love this!

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183 ENCORE-Unbeatable Work Ethic

Unbeatable Work Ethic

How would you honestly rate your work ethic? 

Are you doing just enough to get by? Or are you going all out as you strive to be the best?

Pat Summit, champion women’s basketball coach at the

University of Tennessee, said this:

“Here’s how I’m going to beat you. I’m going to

outwork you. That’s it. That’s all there is to it.”

Just like champion coaches and athletes, strive for an unbeatable work ethic. Show up prepared and outwork your competition. 

Elevating your Work Ethic to an unbeatable level will help you in five ways: 

1) Generate a high level of production for your organization by delivering solid revenue numbers. 

2) Learn more about your customer’s business than any competitor—maybe even more than some of your customer contacts.

3) Leverage a strong set of sales skills you are continually developing. Use your spare time to strengthen those selling skills, while developing more sales savvy and greater intuition. 

4) Attain a good attention to detail that results in solid execution. Constantly qualify and re-qualify your deals, then re-analyze and adjust your approach to maximize your potential for success. 

5) Focus on what will make a difference in your selling efforts. Don’t waste time on bad deals that continually stretch out with little or no progress towards a decision. Avoid time-wasters… To start, minimize the time you spend mindlessly scrolling through social media.

Even when you are the perceived underdog, your Unbeatable Work Ethic can help you win against any competition. 

I’m DJ Sebastian, for more info on what it takes to become an Elite Seller, visit my website at thetechseller.com 

182 Use a Virtual Background for Web Meetings

Use a Virtual Background for Web Meetings 


Be aware of your screen background when your image is on video. 


Never have a window with bright light in the background. As amateur photographers know, a background that is too bright will make the main subject look like a shadow, or even an unintended silhouette. 


If you are projecting video from your home office, make sure there is no clutter behind you. Otherwise, your audience could become more focused on checking out your personal effects than your meeting content. 


Consider using a customized “virtual screen background”.  This will project a more positive image and help you look much more professional. The virtual background could be a picture with your logo or some graphic that positively projects your brand, such as a cityscape showing where you live, or even a scrolling video… just don’t make it too busy. 


To make a virtual background effective, use a solid color wall as the base for your screen background. If you don’t have this option, invest in a “green screen” that you place behind you. Once this base is in place, you can go into the settings section of your web meeting tool and assign a photo, a diagram, or a video as your virtual background.  Another good option is to use a large, flat screen TV as your background and upload your virtual photo or video onto the smart TV. 


This may seem like a minor detail… but it elevates your professional look. It could be well worth it and will help you shine. 


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