Your Customer Buys on Emotion

Sales people often focus solely on applying tactics with the intent of “closing the deal” with their customer. But they often miss an  aspect that is important to advancing their sales opportunity. 

Realize that your customer buys on emotion and then justifies their decision with logic. So first you must establish an emotional connection with your customer through your communications. Deliver value to them so you become a proactive advisor. Leverage all the tools you have in your arsenal to build a strong relationship, one that is much more than merely based on a sales transaction. This includes articulating meaningful customer success testimonials, demonstrating how your solution will improve your customer’s operation and even making your sponsors heroes in their organization.

These actions will build your customer’s confidence in you, generate excitement in the potential personal and business-related benefits that are possible, and reduce the customer’s perceived risk in moving forward with you, your organization, and your solution. 

Once you build that emotional connection with your customer, you can use calculations to show the numbers that amplify your value proposition to help them envision the financial justification; then you can walk them through a roadmap with resources required, and tasks and milestones that will be achieved along the way;  

Finally, you want to summarize the benefits again to strengthen that emotional connection.  

These actions will go a long way toward helping your 

Setting the stage this way will help you advance your sales opportunity towards a WINNING deal

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