Know your customer’s business


Jim is an Elite Seller, one of the best sales professionals I’ve had the good fortune to know. 


Jim has an uncanny ability to build successful strategies that generated substantial business value for the customer as well as being rewarded with significant sales revenue for his company. 


He managed major global accounts and his responsibility spanned every operating division. He diligently mapped out how best to pursue each division.


Central to his approach is to build great relationships with his  customers in every region. His customer advocates regularly reached out to him to get information about the solutions other divisions were considering or implementing. That’s right, Jim often knew more about the customer’s business than the customer’s own people did. He was the ultimate Proactive Advisor.  


Here are ways for you to learn as much about your customer as possible, then use that knowledge in your selling efforts. 


Map out your ideal customer based on your solution capabilities. Pick 4 or 5 key areas, then match that up with your accounts. 


Then, for each selected account, identify: 


  • What is their Go-To-Market strategy? Do they sell direct to customers or through channels and affiliates?


  • What are their major brands and how is each brand positioned to compete in their markets?


  • Are they managed globally or regionally? More importantly, where are major decisions made and who makes them? Do regional operations have the autonomy to make decisions and decide on solutions, or is there a corporate standard that must be followed?


This will serve as a start for you to know your customer’s business. Once you’ve collected enough information, you can map out how best to pursue each division. Just like my friend, Jim!


I’m DJ Sebastian, for more info on what it takes to become an Elite Seller, visit my website at