Have a Backup for Everything


“Anything that can go wrong will go wrong” 


That’s Murphy’s Law.


“The more important your customer meeting, the more likely something will certainly go wrong.” 


That’s a Salesperson’s corollary to Murphy’s Law.


Your detailed preparations and your best-laid plans can fall apart before your meeting begins. So rather than hope nothing bad happens, anticipate that it will when preparing for your meetings. 


Here are some situations that involve roadblocks to a presentation. What would you do in each of these instances?


  • You are expecting to present in a large conference room, but when you show up the meeting has been moved to a small office with no slide projector, no white board, and no flip chart.


  • The internet connection your customer or your team plan to use fails before or during your meeting. You were counting on that connection to deliver your message, and now you have no way to access the outside world. 


  • Your meeting was scheduled to be on-site, but due to last minute changes, you have to change it to remote web conference. How will you engage your customer remotely?


  • The only way to connect with your customer is through a phone conference. How will you include the visuals you have prepared?


  • You asked to send files to the customer in advance that include the visuals you need to discuss over the phone… but the customer informs you that due to their stringent security functions, they will not be able to accept these files. 


In these situations, how will you possibly continue with your meeting? 


The answer is to always have a backup plan. For every logistical item, every communication method, every visual, have at least one backup method for sharing the information. Relying on your backup plan could be the only way to salvage a meeting and maintain your momentum.


I’m DJ Sebastian. To learn more about what it takes to Become a Great Communicator, visit my website at thetechseller.com.