Be Multi-Threaded Part 3


The prior briefing explained how Don’s selling team lost a deal because Don was “single-threaded” in an account. 


This briefing describes why being “multi-threaded” in an account so important? 


What are the take-aways from this story?


First – Don’t be column fodder – If the prospective customer seems too agreeable and accommodating, they might be acting this way just to keep you in the game long enough to select and negotiate with your competitor, as Don found out the hard way. Be sure to cultivate relationships with people who will be your advocate in the company to help avoid this problem


Second – Triangulate to avoid situations like this. Engage with multiple people in your account. Engage at multiple levels, not just those who are friendly within the account. When you are single-threaded and have only one primary contact, you will never get the complete picture. Establish dialogue with the technical, functional, and economic buyers responsible for influencing or making the final decision on your proposal. This includes: 

  • Those involved at various levels of the buying process; 
  • Those who can authorize the project; 
  • Those who cannot make the decision to buy but can certainly bring your selling process to a screeching halt; and 
  • Those who will pay for your solution—either the finance department or the functional departments who will gain the most value.


One person can fool you. They might have ulterior motives and might not be upfront with you. If two people agree, your relationship gains more credibility, but is still not a certainty. In most cases, if three people say the same thing, mark it down as a winning association.


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