Silence and Solitude


Beginning your day with silence and solitude can help you start out to be your best. 


Sure, it’s extremely difficult to do. Most busy sales professionals want to just the “hit the ground running”, and you can get the feeling that if you’re not actively doing something, you might be falling behind. 


The quiet of the early morning helps me focus and oftentimes, it’s the only time when I can think clearly without interruptions. 

Before you do anything else in the morning, try this silence and solitude approach. 


– Find your quiet place

– Take ten minutes

– No music, no other noise

– Think only positive thoughts (your successes, how great it is to be in sales). Don’t let negative thoughts or problems penetrate your mind. 

– Think of this as a stream of consciousness to give you a keen sense of self-awareness and realization of the gifts you have been given.

– Take time to give thanks – you are in a great vocation and have the opportunity to make a huge difference in your life, your family’s, your company, and your customers.


Here’s what I’ve found: 

– It takes discipline to build awareness and re-focus your mindset every day.

– Self-reflection can serve as an essential tool in your success.

– Make it like the drumbeat of a cadence so it becomes a habit (like your forecasting calls).

– Slowing down in the morning actually speeds you up later and can multiply what you can accomplish the rest of the day. 


Use Silence and Solitude to place yourself in a positive mindset early in the morning and you will be on your way to making it a great day. 


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