Run your sales territory like it’s your business


Your territory is your business. Run it like you own it. 


Elite sellers view their sales territory like it’s their own business. Even though they work for or represent another company, they manage their sales territory like an entrepreneur and they are the business owner of that territory. 


Here are 5 ways the Elite Seller uses entrepreneurial approaches to build and maintain a healthy business: 


1) They focus on building their business through Proactive Prospecting to generate and build their pipeline. They don’t wait for cold leads to be handed to them, realizing that oftentimes these could be a waste time. They qualify all opportunities ruthlessly so they don’t spend time working sales cycles on suspect leads or opportunities that will likely end up in “No Decision”. 


2) They build strong relationships with customers and nurture advocates who will help them sell. They actively seek referrals from satisfied customers, business partners, and network with others in the industry. 


3) They realize that they must control their own destiny and not rely on sales managers to hand them ready-to-buy customers. Because those rarely exist. 


4) They build their own personal brand inside their business through continuing education as they refine their selling skills, sales strategies, and communication skills. 


5) They defend their territory and protect their turf. When asked to give up accounts, they make a strong case for keeping their  assignments by articulating why their relationships within the customer account are a benefit to the company. They also maintain a list of possible accounts that would make sense to turn over to other salespeople… and maintain notes on potential pursuit strategies and account details that will help the salespeople who take over responsibility of those accounts. 


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