Ruthless Qualification Part 3


Qualifying a sales opportunity is not a single, isolated event. It’s not a one-time thing… it’s an all-the-time thing. 


Ruthless Qualification occurs throughout the entire sales process… every step of the way… from Preparation to Proactive Prospecting to Discovery to Validation and Proof, even down to Negotiations.


Each opportunity you and your sales team decide to pursue represents an investment in time, resources, and energy. You don’t want to waste these investments. 


Sell Internally First

When multiple members of a selling team are involved, it is important to sell internally first. Here’s why:


  • You will be more effective in getting sales resources to help work on your opportunity. In order to energize your team to work selling opportunities, you need to get their buy-in.


  • You can establish an internal advocate within your company. This could be your sales manager or another executive. Treat this internal team like an external customer. 


  • You can articulate to your team the qualification you have done in advance and describe why it makes sense to spend valuable time and effort to tackle this specific opportunity.


Involving your key team members in the qualification steps will help you make a joint decision on whether and how to proceed. 


Dragging your team through a poorly qualified opportunity wastes precious time and resources and will make it more difficult to get them on board next time.


Enlist the advice of your sales team so you can decide together whether to pursue an opportunity, pull the plug, or change your strategy. Then they will be more enthusiastic to follow your lead. 


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