Ruthless Qualification Part 2


Ruthless qualification describes the need to rigorously qualify sales opportunities throughout engagement with your customer. Identifying the right sales opportunities frees up time and resources so that instead of wasting time on sales cycles where the customer’s eventual answer will be “NO!” you can focus on customers, opportunities, and strategies that will result in winning a higher percentage of deals. 


Ruthless qualification can help you avoid situations where you invest significant time in sales opportunities that are hanging by a thread. You know those situations: you rack your brain trying to figure out how you can move your opportunity forward, but your prospective customer is not really engaged and seems to be uninterested in solving business issues. The customer isn’t placing a high priority on your project because they are distracted with other, seemingly more urgent projects or business issues. 


When things don’t seem to be going anywhere, a much better approach is to disqualify a prospective customer early through ruthless qualification. 


Find out what your customer’s requirements are early on and whether your customer will agree to your evaluation plan. Gain access to customer executives who will eventually make the final decision. Develop a sponsor who can coach you. If none of this is possible, make the difficult decision to walk away. Then go find better opportunities that you can win.


Learn to employ “ruthless qualification” so you can be smarter about the opportunities you want to pursue. Review every opportunity in your sales pipeline and be honest about your ability to advance and win those opportunities. Be prepared to ask for the “No” and the other difficult questions that will qualify or disqualify these opportunities.


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