Effective Discovery – Part 1


Discovery is usually an important step in the sales process. Discovery is all about understanding your customer needs, business issues, and requirements. Conducting effective Discovery early sets up your sales opportunity for success. The knowledge you gain during this effort will help you plan your pursuit strategy, assess how well your solution can solve the customer’s business issues, and position your solution and your company for the win. 


If you are engaging with a prospective customer for the first time, it is likely that you don’t know what you don’t know. If it is a customer you’ve worked with before, you will likely be confirming what you already know, gaining additional knowledge,  as well as offering new ideas for consideration. 


Depending on the complexity of the customer’s problem, Discovery could be accomplished in a single session, or could become a process that spans multiple sessions. 


As you plan your sales cycle, it is important to manage the scope of the customer business issues you are trying to solve… This begins in the Discovery session. “Don’t boil the ocean” is a typical refrain of caution here. Keep the scope manageable. Otherwise, the customer could perceive that what you propose is too complicated and too risky. 


Why Discovery is Important 


Without an effective Discovery, you will be blindly proceeding through the wilderness, not knowing which way to turn, or when you arrive at the desired destination. 


Instead, an effective Discovery gives you a roadmap for heading down the right path, the one that will help you guide your sales cycle in the right direction.  


Stay tuned. We will discuss the Discovery process further in the next four briefings. 


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