Is Work-Life Balance Even Possible?


Michael is an Elite Seller, one of the best you will ever find. The demands of his job were high, to the point where he often spent over 60 hours a week immersed in work-related activities. He rationalized that this was the price he had to pay to achieve the highest level of success in his field. 


Then life threw him a curve ball. Significant health issues emerged that made it difficult for Michael to continue performing at the highest level. 


The wake-up call with his health made him fear that if he continued trying to work such a demanding schedule, he would end up sacrificing years off his life. 


With the long hours he worked, he hadn’t always had the time to be active in his children’s lives. And what if his health problems continued and he wasn’t even around at all to guide his kids as they grew up? 


So, he made a dramatic shift. He completely blocked out his schedule on the weekends so he could take care of his own health and be there for his children. He still worked long hours during the work week, but completely dedicated Saturdays and Sundays to his family. 


Michael was astonished that even with his two “scheduled family days” he wasn’t sacrificing results in his business life. He actually became more productive by working fewer hours. His mind was more focused, he could think more clearly and make better decisions. 


Michael did make one concession to his “weekends off” policy. On Sunday night, after his kids were asleep, he spent thirty minutes to plan his priorities for the upcoming week. Afterward, he enjoyed a restful night of sleep so he was fully energized and ready to hit the ground running on Monday morning.


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