Help your customers buy Part 2


In the prior briefing, we discussed the customer-driven buying process. 


When you blindly follow the customer’s buying process, when you are on the outside, looking in… you will lose the majority of those deals. 


Now here’s a better way to help your customers buy


A much better approach is to strive, early on, to integrate your organization’s selling process with your customer’s buying process. This is a proactive approach where your sales team initiates the process, works collaboratively with your customer to determine requirements, identifies key issues that can be resolved, and formulates a proposal focused on the business value that can be generated from this initiative. 


The major steps in the integrated selling/buying process are these: 

  • Collaborate with the customer on the steps, the vision, and the proof points. 
  • Conduct Discovery sessions to mutually determine requirements with the customer. 
  • Process focuses on generating business value. 


This process positions you as a partner, not just a vendor… and increases your chance of winning. 


With this integrated process, you initiate an opportunity where the customer has not already settled on a solution. It does take a little more work, but it can be well worth it. Instead of passively reacting to each customer desire – especially when the customer might not even understand what capabilities are available in the marketplace – you can set the bar, establish yourself and your team as Proactive Advisor, and highlight the unique capabilities in your solution, all before your competitors even know about this initiative. Because you have well positioned your team and your solution up front, your organization has a much higher probability of becoming the chosen candidate. 


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