Make It Multimedia 


Are you making Your Communications Multimedia?


As you plan the content of your customer interaction, be sure to integrate multiple forms of media to deliver your message. 


These can include items such as:


Short videos – customer testimonials, demonstration videos, or videos you record yourself


Dashboards – that graphically describe what is possible with your solution… Show the results as key metrics, performance indicators, or a benefits summary 


Functional diagrams of photos – that depict the high-level “context” of your solution 


Roadmap diagrams – that depict the journey starting from where the customer is currently to the future state, along with the path on how you will help them along their journey


Whiteboard drawings – whether you are onsite in a meeting or remote in a web conference. Drawing on a physical or virtual whiteboard can be a great way to engage your customer and get them participating in your discussion


Infographics – these are visual images that combine charts and diagrams to represent different types of data that have a common theme. Using an Infographic can be a great way to turn a dry boring set of data or facts into a stunning set of graphics. Several tools are available to help you quickly create Infographics. 


Handouts (paper or electronic documents) – such as a writeup that is an executive summary of your main points. 


Why is Using Multiple forms of media important ???

It’s because the people in your audience have different primary learning modes… 


Many learn visually by seeing, 


others learn vocally (by hearing voice sounds)


and some learn through verbal and non-verbal means (like reading text). 


Structure your communications to leverage each of these learning modes to engage the highest percentage of your audience.


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