Proactive Prospecting 3 – Drip Campaigns 

Few prospective customers respond to the first (or even second or third) attempt to contact them. 


That’s why it is important to stage regular follow-ups in the form of “drip campaigns.” A Drip Campaign is a series of followup messages (often sent via email or voice message). Here are the components: 

  • Determine your goal 

– are you trying to build brand awareness;

– recruit for an event; 

– convey information that might be valuable to them

– arrange a call or a meeting.

  • Determine your account targets and how many touchpoints

– Segment your account targets into groups so you can create messages for each group

– Automate this process if possible

  • Determine the action you want your prospective customer to take

– Do you want them to respond directly or sign up for an event (such as a webinar)?

– Do you want them to setup time on your calendar to talk.

  • Determine your sequence and timing

– how many and how often; one drip every four to seven days works best.  

  • Build your content for each drip

– Be sure to vary the type of message and your method of delivery so you are not being overly repetitive. Each “drip” delivers a different message. 


For example: 

  • Relate a brief customer success story.

Or a link – Never attach a video to your email.

    • Send a brief message summarizing how you can address key business challenges like you have with other customers. 
    • Send an article or link related to relevant news about the customer’s industry. Note that you thought this might apply to your customer’s business. 
  • Send a one-page letter that features an attention-grabbing headline and three bullet points summarizing the top ways you can positively impact your customer’s business. 

Your email must add value. Why should the reader care? What will make them open up your email. That should be your focus. 


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