Show Your Value Proposition 


Every customer communication should reference the business value that you, your company and your solution will deliver to your customer. It is important to clearly illustrate the significance of this business value. Don’t just assume that your customer will figure this out by themselves. 


Specify the business value your customer will realize (after you’ve determined what is possible) and put this in relatable terms. For example:


– Benefits that will increase revenue, net profit, and productivity.


– Benefits that raise the perception of the customer’s brand and market awareness. 


– Benefits that are possible because your solution enables other business processes or staff to work more efficiently and automating or reducing time performing key tasks. 


To help reinforce the customer’s reason for moving forward: 


1) First, Explain the Cost of Delay – Once you have calculated the value your solution will provide, You can break down the delay in terms of a day, a month, or a year. For example, “Every time the sun sets, you lose $3,000.”


2) Then, Explain the “Lost Opportunity Cost” – This is the  cost of doing nothing… The value they won’t realize, that they will LOSE, if they don’t proceed with the initiative. 


Help your customer visualize your value proposition by spelling out your value proposition graphically. Keep it simple. For your Value Projection, show the impact on value by drawing it on a chart. Describe the value using up arrows to denote increases (shown in green) and down arrows to denote decreases (shown in red). 


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