AI on key Elite Seller strategies – Part 12


The prior flash briefings described how an AI tool, ChatGPT provided details on the key strategies to become an Elite B2B sales professional. 


ChatGPT provided a list of ten key strategies, and when asked,  ChatGPT also provided more details on each key strategy to become an Elite Seller. 


You might wonder: What are ChatGPT’s sources of information?”.


To answer this question, ChatGPT stated the following: 


“As an AI language model developed by OpenAI, I do not have personal experiences or sources. The information provided is based on a general consensus from various reputable sources in the field of sales and B2B sales in particular. The strategies mentioned are commonly accepted as best practices and have been supported by industry experts, academic research, and successful sales professionals.”


Think about how you can use an AI tool like this to develop new selling skills, learn more about your industry, research your customers and your competitors. It could be well worth checking it out in the time it saves you with researching these topics. 


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