AI on key Elite Seller strategies – Part 5


When asked, the AI ChatGPT provided more details on each key strategy to become an Elite Seller. 


“#4 Adopt a solution-selling approach: Rather than simply selling a product, focus on solving the customer’s problems and providing solutions that meet their specific needs. This approach helps build trust and establish you as a valuable partner to your customers.”


Insight From TheTechSeller: 


What are you selling?


During a sales training session with a client, one sales leader advised his team to “Sell your solution to their problem, not your product”. Wise words indeed, that changed their approach. 


This simple advice shifted their mindset. Rather than touting product features and functionality, their new mindset became:

  • Positioning their sales team as consultants and advisors who were engaged to help their customer 
  • Understanding their customer’s needs before pushing their products. 
  • Determining the business value the customer will realize after implementation.
  • Proving the business justification based on the value
  • Connecting solution benefits to their unique solution capabilities.  


Selling your solution to their problem makes you different and better than most transactional salespeople. 


I’m DJ Sebastian, and we will continue to discuss more details on these AI-generated elite sales strategies in the next briefing.