AI on key Elite Seller strategies – Part 4


When asked, the AI ChatGPT provided more details on each key strategy to become an Elite Seller. 


“#3 Communicate the unique value proposition of your products/services: Clearly communicating the unique benefits and value of your products/services is critical to differentiating yourself from competitors and closing deals.”


Insight From TheTechSeller: 


Focus on Your Unique Value: Connect the value amount and approach to your solution’s competitive differentiators. It does you no good if you lay out a value proposition that your competition can just “steal” by claiming the same capabilities. Highlight how your solution is unique to avoid handing your value proposition to your competition on a silver platter. 


“When you don’t differentiate your solution, 

you could be selling for your competition” 


You might get your customer excited about a solution similar to yours, but because you didn’t differentiate, your customer could perceive that all solutions are equal and then select your competitor. 


When your customer says “I can’t tell the difference… you all look the same…” they are likely to go with the lowest price, or the local provider, or the sales team they like best.


To avoid your customer’s “you all look the same” reasoning…


1) First, Show how your message is different from your competitors. 

Are you all saying the same thing? 


2) Then, look at What is unique about you, your company, and your solution. 

Identify how you can effectively articulate your unique advantages. 


3) Finally, back it up.. determine how you can prove those capabilities.


– It is your responsibility to make sure that your customer can tell the difference… Don’t assume they will just figure it out themselves… 

Spell it out clearly… drive those points home throughout your communication. 


I’m DJ Sebastian, and we will continue to discuss more details on these AI-generated elite sales strategies in the next briefing.