Risks in sales – The Bottom Line 


The Bottom Line

If you achieve your quota, nothing else matters.

If you fail to achieve your quota, nothing else matters.


This maxim often represents sales management’s approach to measuring sales performance. It also signifies a stark reality for every sales professional. 


While situations are not always this simplistic, it is imperative to management that the sales team generates enough revenue so their organization achieves profit goals, continues to fuel growth, and secures the future viability of the company. Building and maintaining a strong pipeline of leads and qualified sales opportunities are key metrics that are tracked and monitored by sales management. Because of that, sales management should be constantly building and maintaining a strong pipeline of sales professionals who can progress from a new hire to a productive sales professional—and, for some, to the pinnacle of their profession as an elite performer. Your challenge is how to develop your skills so you can be a part of the next generation of elite sales professionals who can thrive in their selling career. 


You will continuously monitor and adapt to the stressors induced by the changing competitive landscape, the dynamics of your market, and the advancement of your primary competitors. 


Each of these factors are dynamic and will require that you anticipate in advance how you will be impacted by these changes. Status quo will leave you falling behind and diminish your potential to stay on top of your game. 


I’m DJ Sebastian, and we’ll continue our discussion on the risks of a sales career in the next briefing.