Risks in sales – Customer Service Issues 


Risk: Your customer service issues  


Your company’s customer service approach to dealing with problems presents a risk to your sales career. 


Let’s say you sold a deal to a customer who planned to roll out your solution to other divisions over a period of time… But problems arose during the initial implementation… Your product was not performing as it should have… This could delay or cancel the planned future roll out and jeopardize your future sales revenue stream from that customer. 


This could be very disheartening, since you might have spent substantial time and sales cycles with that customer, with the belief that your time investment would be rewarded with future sales. 


Usually, you will not be able to fix the customer service issues alone… but you should definitely raise the flag and make sure that your executives understand the problem and will assign resources to correct it. This is a time for you to be proactive and communicate the urgency of the situation to your executives, while keeping an open line of communication with your customer so they know that you and your company are doing everything possible to correct the situation. Your company and your sales career at the company might depend on how you helped solve the problem. 


I’m DJ Sebastian, and we’ll continue our discussion on the risks of a sales career in the next briefing.