Risks in sales – Your Company Financial Performance 


Risk: Your company financial performance  


The financial performance of your company presents a risk to your sales career. 


Let’s say you joined a startup, or an early-stage company… After an initial high level of interest, company revenue flattens. This could frighten away potential customers and delay or cancel deals. As a result, the company may not be able to secure venture funding that is needed to fuel new growth. 


Let’s say you joined a company who is planning to go public (through an IPO). After an initial state of euphoria and a stock price that reaches high levels, the company experiences mediocre or even poor performance – several needed deals have slipped or gone away, the company underestimated the high costs of doing business… as a result, the company misses its projected revenue estimate, and has a bad quarter. Word quickly gets around the financial world, and the company stock price tanks. Potential customers who were considering signing deals with the company back off, and several deals are lost. 


Poor financial performance for your company can negatively affect your sales opportunities and place your current job and your future job prospects in jeopardy… regardless of whether your company is a startup, early stage, or an established company. Other than winning as many deals as you can, much of the company’s revenue might be out of your control… and presents a serious risk you need to consider when doing career planning. 


I’m DJ Sebastian, and we’ll continue our discussion on the risks of a sales career in the next briefing.