Pursuing your Legacy


Pursuing your Legacy begins with building on an idea, creating a plan, then taking the steps (small and large) to execute that plan. Tell everyone you know about your ideas, what you are looking to accomplish, and how it will benefit. Solicit their ideas and take their inputs seriously. The more people you engage with, the more your plan can be solidified, and the more your supporters will help you publicize your ideas. 


Here is an example. 


Many people are untrained and ill-prepared for the work environment. Or they don’t know what field they should pursue. They often waste their post-secondary years because they haven’t decided on (or are not passionate about) a particular field. This is a huge problem as job turnover is one of the biggest issues in business. 


A colleague of mine is working on a system that will help young students sort through career choices and narrow down these choices based on their personality preferences. They will be advised on whether to pursue a particular vocation in college, or to apply to trade schools. This can be extended to advise veterans who are leaving the military and want to engage in civilian life. It can also be leveraged by the less advantaged who must build marketable work skills but have not had any guidance or training. 


This system will guide students by sharing stories from successful professionals who can advise and coach on what to expect in the typical work day in a specific career, as well as how best to prepare to make the transition into that career. 


This system began as an idea meant to solve the problem of uncertainty in career planning and is expanding to serve a true need in the marketplace. 


I’m DJ Sebastian. For more info on becoming an elite sales professional, visit my website at thetechseller.com