Defining your Legacy 


A prosperous sales career can produce the freedom that comes with being financially independent. When in the right situation… and a little bit of luck, you can choose to leave the business world early and retire to enjoy the beach, the mountains, lush golf courses, or unlimited time with family and friends.


And that is completely fine. You worked hard to accomplish your goals and can feel good about your contribution to the business world. 


When your time on this planet ends, how will you be remembered? Will you be remembered by more than just a few family members? What if you left a legacy that benefited hundreds or thousands of people young and old for a hundred years or more? What would that look like?


Maybe you have your plan all figured out already… If not, here are some thoughts that can jump-start the flow of ideas.


1) MAKE A DIFFERENCE in your career vocation.

– Help other sales professionals achieve greater career success. 

– Advise them on how to win their first or next job in sales.



– Select your favorite charitable organization to contribute to or help raise funds – maybe it is cancer research, or college scholarships, or veterans’ advocacy services. 

– Formalize this by setting up a charitable foundation and encourage people in your network to support. 


I’m DJ Sebastian, and we’ll continue our discussion on leaving a legacy in the next briefing.