The Wonderful World of Sales 8 – Nurture your Network


Nurture your professional network. Being in sales enables you to connect with many different types of people. Here are some examples of who you can go to so you can nurture a strong network. 


Customers – even after you have completed a sale (or even if you didn’t), reach out to people in your customers’ organization to maintain or extend meaningful business relationships. Often times, customer staff will be in different positions or move to another company. Staying in touch will help you lead the pack when new opportunities arise. 


Business Partners – service providers who work directly with your customers can often be plugged in more closely than you are. They often hear about new initiatives being considered. Stay connected so you can be plugged in. 


Competitors – yes, that’s right… competitors. Salespeople do change companies and might migrate from a friendly relationship to a competitor. A good rule to follow is “Keep your friends close and your competitors closer” to remain on top of what is going on in your territory and with your customers. 


Market Influencers – these people can help you understand the dynamics of specific markets and are often plugged into top executives. You have the opportunity to position your solutions favorably to them, which can generate new leads. 


Friends and acquaintances – they can help you get introduced to others for potential job referrals. Every sales job I won was initiated through my network. 


Every couple of months, I receive a call from a former colleague, an elite seller himself… He didn’t need an urgent reason to call… he just wanted to stay in touch. Every conversation was productive and we both always learned something new. 


Your professional network is worth a lot and can pay significant dividends throughout your career. 


I’m DJ Sebastian, and we’ll continue the discussion on the Wonderful World of Sales in the next briefing.