The Wonderful World of Sales 6 – Become an Entrepreneur


Pursue entrepreneurial interests. When you are rewarded handsomely, you could be in a situation where you are able to leave your sales position, financially secure. Then you could launch ventures to build new businesses or do things for pure enjoyment. 


Successful sales professionals have acquired the skills needed by entrepreneurs to launch and grow a business. Here are 5 of those skills.  


  1.  Perseverance – The will to press on in the face of challenges, disappointments, and failures. You remain determined to continue, adjust your plan, and find a way to succeed. Also requires grit – the mental toughness needed to win in a highly competitive market.


  1.  Networking experience – Elite salespeople build a strong network of customers, partners, advisors, and affiliates. These contacts can serve as key connections when conducting business as an entrepreneur. 


  1.  Persuasion – Communication skills that rely on persuasive techniques to advance opportunities and get things done.


  1.  Achieving goals – Setting goals and achieving them are key to success for an entrepreneur. 


  1.  Understanding your markets – You know what are the needs of your target markets, their challenges, and solutions that can deliver substantial benefits. 


Leveraging these skills you learned as a successful sales professional is an important step toward establishing your business as an entrepreneur.  


I’m DJ Sebastian, and we’ll continue the discussion on the Wonderful World of Sales in the next briefing.