The Wonderful World of Sales 4 – Freedom Rings


You have the opportunity to enjoy a greater sense of freedom when you are a B2B sales professional. 


Work Freedom


You can work from anywhere and are not chained to a cubicle or stuck in a traditional office environment. You can perform work-related tasks from anywhere. The only tools you need are your smartphone, your laptop computer, and a good WiFi connection. 


If your business involves travel to customers, you can often service customers within driving distance through face-to-face meetings. Or if this involves air travel, you can live within an hour of an airport to make air travel more feasible.  


When away from home, your remote office workspace can be as near as the local coffee shop, your vehicle, an airport lounge, or a hotel. You can even work productively on an airplane while flying through the clouds.  


Schedule Freedom


You own your schedule… Sure, there are required meetings you will need to attend… but the sales professional often has more control over their schedule than other business professionals. You can squeeze in personal tasks in the middle of the day by blocking off time on your schedule for things like errands or picking up kids from school. 


While many sales professionals shy away from doing work while on vacation, some bring at least a little work with them. If you are facing stiff competition on deals, it might be disastrous to totally unplug for an entire week or two. Unless you are totally unavailable, such as off the grid while hiking through the wilderness, or on a safari in a remote country, plan to stay in touch to address urgent customer needs that arise. Waiting until you return from vacation could result in you receiving terrible news. 


I’m DJ Sebastian, and we’ll continue the discussion on the Wonderful World of Sales in the next briefing.