The Wonderful World of Sales 3 – Huge Earnings Potential 


“Sales is where the money is.” 


A career advisor told me this many years ago and it took me many years to believe it and embrace it. 


I finally realized that a career in sales provides you with outstanding earnings potential. 


Many people enter the sales profession because, as a salesperson carrying a quota, they are compensated based on their performance—they aren’t satisfied with measly 2% annual raises as a reward for an excellent performance review from their manager. They aren’t going to accept a gratuitous promotion where the “reward” is merely a title change with no additional salary increase. Many sales compensation plans are uncapped, as the variable portion of your compensation gives you unlimited earnings potential. The better you perform, the more you are compensated. Just as it should be. 


Crushing your quota could certainly put you in a position to earn more than your sales manager and your sales director.


Jim, an elite sales professional, reported that he had years where his earnings were greater than his organization’s executives—and some years where he earned more than the CEO. Of course, the organization’s executives then raised Jim’s quota sky high, so that anomaly didn’t occur again. For some strange reason, they don’t want to pay salespeople that much… even though it should be a win-win, generating significant revenue for the company. 


This high earnings potential has massive appeal. Jim understood that achieving multiple years of high performance placed his income stream into the stratosphere and this opened new opportunities for professional, career, and personal growth. 


I’m DJ Sebastian, and we’ll continue the discussion on the Wonderful World of Sales in the next briefing.