The Wonderful World of Sales 1 – Makings of a Great Career


The world revolves around sales.

After all, nothing happens until someone sells something. 


A Career in Sales: A Potentially Wonderful World!


Any person who has excelled in the sales world will tell you that working in this field has so many worthwhile rewards that it’s worth the effort to not only adapt to the major upheavals of the Selling Revolution but to thrive because of them. 


This next series of flash briefings will provide examples of the wonderful world of sales. 


The high-performing sales team gathered for a celebration on a luxurious tropical island located in the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. They were awarded a bonus trip after delivering an outstanding performance to finish a year where they absolutely crushed their quota. Sitting under an umbrella on the beach and holding a cocktail, one team member gazed into the blue-green waters and chuckled, “I just love being in sales!”


Charlie, the sales team’s visionary leader, addressed his troops in celebratory fashion. After congratulating each person, he said, “The people on this team, the people you worked with so closely these past couple of years, exemplify the meaning of excellence. But more importantly, cherish these bonds, these relationships, for these are the best people you will ever know.”


Charlie understood that you win with people. That’s where it all started: recruiting, developing, and creating the best working environment that enabled the best people to prosper. 


Years later, many of those bonds exhibited on that tropical island remained strong and evolved into lifetime relationships. 


I’m DJ Sebastian, and we’ll continue the discussion on the Wonderful World of Sales in the next briefing.