The Virtual Sales Advisor Machine Part 5


We continue the discussion on SAM the Virtual Sales Advisor Machine. 


How SAM Can Serve the Sales Team

As SAM gains in effectiveness over time, SAM will serve the sales team in two distinct roles: 


The First Role: Ask SAM—Assisting the Sales Professional

While the human sales professional is still fully in charge of executing each task in the sales cycle, SAM’s advisory capabilities can augment the work of the human salesperson. SAM will be initially deployed to serve as an intelligent assistant to help complete time-consuming tasks previously handled manually by the sales professional. 


Here are seven areas where SAM can provide valuable help to the sales professional:


1) Customer Research – to assist the sales professional in creating a strategy for pursuit that will increase the potential of building a mutually beneficial relationship by accessing customer data from all sources. 


2) Opportunity Identification – to analyze all available data on prospective and current customers and identify the best candidates to pursue. 


3) Targeted Marketing – to identify the best targets for marketing campaigns. Then, evaluate the effectiveness of each campaign by analyzing the conversion rates from prospects that previously turned into customers. 


4) Request for Proposal (RFP) Preparation – to handle requests for information either through a survey or interactive chat and assist in building RFP responses. 


5) Pricing and Proposal Preparation – to handle product pricing and quotes, then compile the major elements of a customer proposal and ensure adherence to company policies. 


6) Customer Communication—Schedule reminders for follow-up communications with customers and identify the best content and method for interaction. 


7) Demos—Build the structure and recommended content of a customer demo (and proofs) and refer to a repository of interactive or scripted demos that can be selected based on customer requirements. 


I’m DJ Sebastian, and we’ll continue the discussion on the Virtual Sales Advisor Machine in the next briefing.