Integrity Part 2


This is Part 2 of a three part briefing on Integrity. 


Integrity is not a once-in-a-while thing… It’s an everyday thing. 


In every interaction with your customers, your management, and your teammates, acting with integrity is an absolute requirement

Should word get around that you are unethical or cannot be trusted, your reputation could be tarnished for the long term. Don’t let it hamper your path to success. 

Here’s an example. 


Will, a partner in a consulting services firm was invited to play a round of golf at a corporate outing. Conveniently, Will was teamed up with an executive from a prospective customer, as a way to introduce Will and his organization to the customer.


The game of golf can be a great way to build relationships with business associates… it is said that a person can learn more about another individual’s character in four hours playing a round of golf than one can in years of business dealings. 


But sometimes “learning about an individual’s character” can be a bad thing. 


Throughout the round, whenever Will hit an errant shot, his golf ball somehow ended up in a better position than where it had actually landed. He was cheating. 


After the round, the prospective customer executive walked over to the meeting organizer and quietly told him,


“We ask that the partners we do business with have integrity and a high degree of ethics. I witnessed what Will did today and thought, If this guy is cheating during a meaningless game of golf, how will he act in our business dealings? Please find me another partner . . . one I can trust.”

Will lost out on a multi-million-dollar sales opportunity that day, all because a prospective customer found out more about Will during a round of golf than he would have in several years. 


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