The Dreaded No Decision Part 2

This is a follow-up to the prior briefing which discussed why the dreaded No Decision happens. In this briefing, we will provide ways you can avoid No Decision. 

When customers make “No Decision” they actually do make a choice: they choose to DO NOTHING; they choose the STATUS QUO. 

Here are FIVE ways that you can reduce the number of deals that fall into the No Decision category.

1) By building relationships with multiple power sponsors. Don’t be single-threaded in an account. Be sure to build consensus support from multiple power players so you are not counting on the preference of a single person. 

2) By proving that your solution will work for your customer to reduce their perceived risk. Lay out your path up front, so the customer understands the major capabilities that you can prove. Be careful not to turn this into a major project. 

3) By having a positive, emotional impact – Make it a personal win for them as well as a company win. How can you make them a hero for choosing your solution? 

4) By implementing the integrated selling/buying process as outlined in a prior briefing is a great way to win against that dreaded competitor, “No Decision.” 

5) By showing substantial business value they will realize and gaining agreement from the customer on that value so they own it. Don’t assume they will figure it out themselves.

A salesperson’s failure to win a deal is often a result of a failure to transform your value proposition into a compelling one that your customer embraces as their own. 

To reduce the number of deals that result in No Decision, focus on building relationships with multiple power sponsors, showing substantial  business value the customer will realize, and demonstrating proof.  

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