The Dreaded No Decision Part 1

When salespeople struggle to meet their quotas, it is often  because they waste time working too many opportunities that end up resulting in the dreaded “No Decision.”

In their careers, most sales professionals will lose more deals to “no decision” than to any specific competitor. It can be devastating to progress through an entire sales cycle only to have your customer make the frustrating decision NOT to move forward. 

Towards the end of a sales cycle, a salesperson’s refrain can change to “come on… just make a decision… pick someone”. Certainly, salespeople never want to lose, but when the customer just walks away from a deal, salespeople openly question whether they did the right thing by throwing their hat in the ring.

Why does No Decision happen?

– Perhaps the customer’s source of funding for the initiative was cancelled, or diverted to another, seemingly more important project. 

– Maybe the expected benefit wasn’t great enough to bear the perceived risk and cost of the project. Maybe you did not show compelling value that would make the undertaking worthwhile. 

– There may be concern about the uncertainty of the potential outcome… Will the solution work? Is it too risky? Will the difficulty of implementing the solution be worse than the current way things are done?

– Maybe the customer team couldn’t agree on the scope of the problem or choose the solution…

– And here’s a more nefarious reason for No Decision… Free research… the customer calls in some vendors without ever planning on initiating a real project. This might not happen often… but it does occur. 

– Maybe it’s inertia. The customer might say: “Well that might become a problem down the road, but right now, we’re good.”

I’m DJ Sebastian. Stay tuned for the next briefing for insights on how to address the “No Decision” dilemma.