Proactive Prospecting 1- Seek Warm Introductions

Entire books and sales training programs are dedicated to the subject of sales prospecting, including information on the best ways to dig for gold, how to be productive in prospecting efforts, the best cold-calling techniques, the best ways to make them warm calls, the best executives to call, and even the best time to call.

Building expertise in prospecting boosts your ability to generate new opportunities that build your sales funnel, and is vital to your success. I encourage you to find the best book titles that relate to your business and master the prospecting approaches within.

While this briefing will not examine this topic in depth, here are some proven techniques for proactive prospecting. These will be discussed in the next 3 briefings

Seek Warm Introductions

Warm introductions to a prospective customer can be much more productive than cold calls. Ask for referrals from your loyal customers. Ask them who they know who might be able to enjoy the same benefits your customer has achieved by working with you. Ask your customer to make a proper introduction. Obviously, the referral must be for a prospective customer who is not a competitor.

Find out who the outside influencers are in your target customer’s decision-making and strategic initiatives, including: 

  • Strategic partners who help shape the customer’s strategies, such as management consulting firms, complementary solution providers, and other service companies with whom you can partner to gain access. 
  • Members of the customer’s board of directors—you might find that a board member is also affiliated with another one of your loyal customers, making a connection highly relevant. Provide a summary of the benefits you achieved for the board member’s company and ask that it be presented to your target account at the next board of directors meeting. Make sure that your topic is aligned with the target account’s need.

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