Partner with your team

As a team, we win together. 

Some sales professionals operate like they are lone rangers. They target their accounts and work their opportunities alone and often fail to engage other team members who can help. This is short-sighted and leaves them missing out on getting assistance when they need it. 

Several members of your team can help you solve problems and win more deals.  

  • Your Sales VPs and Company Executives – they are often interested and available to help on deals; their involvement could help you improve your company’s position by showing to your customer that your executives are engaged in their success. Take your executives up on their offer or seek them out to engage with your customers… but be sure that you prepare your executives in advance so they understand the situation. 
  • Your Sales Manager – can be your mentor or your coach as you navigate through working your territory plan, your account strategies, and your action plans. Leverage their experience in working with your customers. 
  • Your Sales Colleagues – You can learn from other members of your sales team, so collaborate with them where it makes sense and pay attention to what works for them.

Champion basketball player Julius Erving was one of the greatest professional basketball players to play the game. ”Dr. J.”, as he was called, was a wizard on the court, known for his elegant style, and performing feats that were never before seen with the basketball. 

Dr. J. was always on a quest to get better, and he said that he watched other players, anywhere; on television, at college games, even on the playground… because, he believed that you can learn from anyone.

And that’s also true of salespeople. 

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