Exalted Experiences

You will occasionally run into a rough patch when nothing in your selling efforts seems to be going right. Perhaps your opportunities  have stalled and your forecasted deals look weak. Prospective customers are not returning your phone calls or responding to your emails. Maybe this lasts a couple of days, or a couple of months.

Don’t hang your head or stop working. Don’t get frustrated. Don’t waste time on worry or other non-productive activities. 

This is the time to change your mindset. 

You can do that quickly by calling up your Exalted Experiences. “Exalted” means “Raised” or “Elevated”. 

“Exalted Experiences” are those that bring back the memories of  positive experiences.  

This is the time to look inside your being and call up those times when you enjoyed success… when you conquered your competition… when you exceeded your goal. Think about what you did or how you felt to create that Exalted Experience. Your demeanor will rapidly turn positive. 

Look back on times when you were making great progress advancing sales opportunities, when what you did resulted in developing a prospective customer into a buying customer; and when you celebrated those glorious wins. If you are new to your sales role, call up an Exalted Experience that was a positive memory in your life: your graduation, your conquests in sports, or other competition; your interviews for the job that resulted in you winning that coveted sales job… Your reminder of those  times when you climbed that mountain, overcoming adversity along the way, and demonstrated how good you really are!

Infusing these Exalted Experiences into your mind can fuel your winning attitude by creating the mindset you need to win. 

Then you can focus on transferring your positive energy to tackle the task at hand. 

I’m DJ Sebastian, for more info on what it takes to become an Elite Seller, visit my website at thetechseller.com