Exude Confidence


To be effective, you need to exude confidence in all communications with a customer. 


Nobody buys from a salesperson who lacks confidence. It might not sound easy, but with preparation and practice, you can gain the confidence you need to be successful. Here are 8 things you can do to acquire the confidence it takes: 


1) Examine how the customer describes their mission, key initiatives, and customer focus and use those terms… when you articulate their business issues, even at a high level, you will quickly develop rapport with your customer. 


2) Don’t waste your customer’s time. You might have just a few minutes to interact with your customer’s executives, so make the most of it. Only talk about off-topic subjects if the customer brings it up first.


3) Visualize a positive outcome every time you connect with your customer. Envision what it will take to have a powerful conversation, facilitate a successful meeting, and result in a positive outcome. 


4) Adopt the strong belief that you, your company, and your solution will deliver the best possible outcome to your customer. 


5) Create an unshakable belief that by working with you, your customer will gain the most business benefits. If you are unable to develop this belief, then you are either selling for the wrong company or calling on the wrong customer.


6) Don’t appear cocky or arrogant. Never fake it. You must be sincere, and your passion must be real. Otherwise, you will be viewed as a phony and won’t be taken seriously.


7) Prepare well. Have a command of your message, your main points, and a list of probing questions to ask.


8) Practice your sales conversations with one of your peers or your sales manager to sharpen your message.


I’m DJ Sebastian, for more info on what it takes to become an Elite Seller, visit my website at thetechseller.com