Hope is not a strategy

An elite sales leader developed a mantra for his team. A key part of the mantra is this: 

“Hope is not a strategy.

If it’s not on paper, it’s not real!”

A mantra must be meaningful and must drive your team’s motivation and their journey to excellence. 

Sales professionals are typically optimistic people and hope for positive outcomes in their sales opportunities. But they cannot rely only on “hope”.

Hope is not a Strategy

But hope is often the default mode for many sales professionals. They prepare proposals, send them in and “hope” the customer buys. To be effective in selling, you have to do much more. 

In his book “Hope is not a Strategy”, author Rick Page outlines the real strategy and what it takes to win a complex sale. 

Here are four key areas where you should focus: 

1) Demonstrate Value – articulate how your solution will solve business issues and create substantial benefit. 

2) Harness your resources to create a winning team. Involve your team in the qualification process to get their buy-in. 

3) Build trust so you finish ahead of your competition.

4) Understand your customer’s decision process, approval process, and politics within their organization. Create your strategy to handle each element. 

What is your mantra? I’m not talking about your company mission. I’m talking about what drives your sales team to excellence. If you don’t have a mantra that is meaningful, now is the time to create one.   

I’m DJ Sebastian, for more info on what it takes to become an Elite Seller, visit my website at thetechseller.com