Find Your Most Productive Time

The U. S. Army previously had a slogan that stated:

“We do more before 9AM than most people do all day.”

Early Morning Wakeup Call

Most elite salespeople I know are most productive in the early morning. They set an early morning wakeup call to ensure that they can hit the ground running. 

The quiet serenity of the early morning helps them focus. There are no distractions or disruptions. It is often the only time of the day when they can string together continuous thoughts that generate high productivity.    

Even if it’s completing simple, incremental tasks first thing in the morning, it creates a discipline of accomplishment. You can clear these simple tasks early, then proceed to what might be more involved and take more time. No matter what else happens that day, you have the satisfaction of having completed smaller tasks well.

Consider breaking up more complex tasks into separate pieces so you can make incremental progress and not become intimidated by the fear of getting started on a daunting task. 

The Night Owl

Some may argue that they are not a “morning person” and prefer to schedule time late in the day or evening to get major items done. That’s fine, but what often happens is the salesperson’s day could be plagued by constant interruptions, and the fatigue that sets in later in the day or evening could make it nearly impossible to focus on those important tasks. 

When you start your day strong, you are on your way to making it a great day.  

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