Create your own sales playbook

Create your own sales playbook. If your sales organization has one, then use it and update it to align with your selling approach. 

If not, create your own sales playbook. Just as a football team uses a playbook with a defined set of plays they run in specific situations, and to coordinate their actions, your playbook should contain a set of “plays” on how you manage your sales opportunities. 

Your sales playbook should contain (at least) the following 10 items: 

  1. 1) Your prospecting approach with the best person or title to target
  2. 2) Talking points to guide you through the introduction
  3. 3) Drip campaign content and frequency
  4. 4) The first meeting agenda and goals
  5. 5) Your sales process steps – you can adjust the steps based on your successes and challenges. 
  1. Then, add more impactful items, like these: 
  2. 6) How you will research the customer to gain an initial understanding of their business issues.

7) Background information on your customers, their top business issues, and key messages that you must convey.

  1. 8) A discovery process you can follow, including open-ended questions you should ask to better understand your customer’s issues
  2. 9) An agenda for your preferred, initial discovery meeting, covering the vision you will share
  3. 10) A collection of customer successes you can share. These should be effective stories you can tell to increase your prospective customer’s interest. 

For example, my online “Great Communicator” course includes a comprehensive Elite Seller Playbook which includes  documented content that my clients use to prepare for, practice for, and execute their sales meetings. This playbook also enables them to update and sharpen their message so they can articulate a powerful message in every customer communication.

I’m DJ Sebastian. To learn more about my online course that will help you become a Great Communicator, visit my website at