Elite Sellers possess a skill that helps them get through challenging times and difficult situations. The skill is called resilience… it’s the ability to rebound from adversity.

Just as a boxer takes a hard punch to the jaw, then falls to the canvass, they have two choices: lay there and get counted out accepting defeat, or get up, dust oneself off, and fight on. 

I asked an Elite Seller how he developed resilience. 

He said, “It’s a simple answer, really. You get knocked down… you gotta get back up”.

But he was brushing off times early in his selling career, when he did not easily recover. When he fretted over troubling customer situations, when he became very stressed out when deals went south. When he worried about hitting his forecast to the point where he lay awake at night trying to resolve problems in business and even in his personal life he seemingly had no control over. 

Along the way, he developed grit and the mental toughness needed to win in a highly competitive market. Now he tosses aside the thought that those challenges will get to him.

It’s having the passion and the strong belief that in the end you will achieve the result you desire. It’s persevering through adversity, devising strategies to address the near-term obstacles with your eyes on your long-term goals. 

Grit requires that you Embrace the Grind. You understand that nothing is given; everything is earned. You don’t let challenges and difficulties wear you down. Each day, you reflect on what you have learned and what you can do to get better. 

It’s important for you to work to attain the grit and the mental toughness that will help you gain the resilience you need to reach elite status as a sales professional. 

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