Be the Master of Ceremonies – Part 4

As Master of Ceremonies, Confirm everything on the agenda—every step of the way

Never assume that your customer is available for the entire time you have scheduled. Plan on repeated time checks throughout. 

Bradley confirmed a meeting with a customer via electronic calendar invite. On the date of the meeting, Bradley’s team showed up in the conference room well in advance of the start time to ensure they were ready to go. The customer attendees drifted in slowly, and several critical attendees finally showed up thirty minutes after the scheduled start time. 

Once they got started, Bradley’s team was performing well and engaging the customer in meaningful dialogue. The customer was pleased with the content and the flow of the meeting. 

Then, right in the middle of the meeting, the customer attendees began rustling, closing the lids on their laptops, and stuffing their notepads into their backpacks. 

Even though more time was scheduled, the customer attendees were leaving the meeting and moving on to what was next on their schedule. 

Bradley’s team was quickly whisked out of the room. They didn’t have the opportunity to wrap up the meeting properly or to discuss next steps. It took two months for Bradley’s team to pick up where they left off—all because of a miscommunication about the meeting duration. A simple phone call with the customer could have avoided this situation. 

To avoid the surprise to the abrupt meeting end, repeated time checks could have given advance warning. Plan on checking the meeting time and status every thirty minutes. Simply asking a quick question and receiving a confirmation should suffice. 

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