Creativity in Your Value Proposition – BV – Part 18


Creativity is an important characteristic in developing your winning value proposition. Here is an example of a winning pursuit for selling to a customer that, on the surface, did not appear to be a viable prospect. 


BrokenDown Enterprises, a multi-billion-dollar company that had fallen into bankruptcy, was an account in Jim’s territory. Most sales professionals quickly assume that a bankrupt company has no money to spend and would not even bother contacting them. 


Not Jim. He relished the challenge, figuring that BrokenDown would have to do something dramatic if it wanted to survive. Jim used his creative talents and out-of-the-box thinking to explore ways that his solution could significantly benefit this bankrupt customer. 


In doing some quick research, Jim quickly learned that BrokenDown needed to execute a major transformation to survive and effectively compete in its markets. Maintaining the status quo was not an option.


So Jim crafted a briefing document that identified three major areas where implementing his solution could facilitate the company’s transformation. He even produced an “estimated value release” and noted that the actual number would be validated after further discussions. Jim sent this document brief to the BrokenDown CEO and to several board members via an overnight delivery service. 


The briefing document got the attention of BrokenDown’s executives. They returned his phone calls. Jim then engaged with these executives to mutually agree on a solution evaluation plan. Jim led his team through a rigorous evaluation process that spanned several months. 


These efforts paid off. Jim and his team won this deal, booking more than $10 million in prepaid revenue—all because Jim  began with a creative approach to pursue a customer account and fulfill a need that few other sales professionals thought would be worthwhile. 


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