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The Most Compelling Value


Great companies constantly pursue ways to become even greater. A key part of this pursuit is to engage with business partners who can help them accomplish greater things. You want to be sure they come to believe you are one of those partners who can help them pursue “bigger and better” by creating compelling value propositions.


Let’s look at what is considered the most compelling value for potential customers and their products/services:


  • Increase sales and revenues: how your customers can drive more of their customers to buy their products and services and to buy with increased frequency. Generating increased revenue will help your customer expand operations, hire additional talent to accelerate establishing new key projects.
  • Increase net profit: how your customers can charge a premium for their products and services. Increase shareholder value and increase capital available to invest in new initiatives.
  • Achieve a unique capability: how your customers improve their position in specific markets, gain entry into new markets, or enhance their brand reputation. 
  • Gain a competitive advantage: how your customers improve their competitive position or even dominate specific markets. This will in turn, generate additional revenue and profit to create more operating capital. 


Company executives are usually measured by their success in increasing company revenue growth and profitability, which has a direct correlation to increased shareholder value. Their top priorities revolve around increasing sales because revenue growth strategies will have a more direct and immediate positive effect on their business. Project initiatives that can increase revenue, market share, and open new markets, most often get a high level of interest from executives. 


I’m DJ Sebastian, and we will continue this discussion on creating customer value in the next briefings.