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Find Compelling Value 

Your customer is bombarded every day with phone calls and emails from salespeople like these:


“I will show you how to save money.”

“I would like to talk with you about your business pains.”


How do you separate your message from that tired, ineffective dialogue? How can you be sure your message is unique enough to cut through the glut of fruitless sales pitches that do not get the attention of your potential customer? 


The secret is to dig deeper and find value that will be compelling to your customer. Compelling value is substantial, achievable, and motivates your customer to engage with you in further discussions. To find compelling value, you need to understand how business decisions are made in average companies as opposed to great companies. 


Average companies tend to focus on reducing costs and competing on price rather than looking for ways to increase profits or position themselves for growth. Average companies might lack a strong vision, or they might compete in a mature market. They believe they must compete on price and often view cost-reduction projects as the only way to get there. However, it is nearly impossible to slash your way to profitability. That could be why these companies remain average. 


Great companies, on the other hand, prioritize business decisions based on two things: 

  1. Capabilities that will create new differentiators and better position them against their competition.
  2. Capabilities that will increase revenue and profits, gain market share, and position them for entry into new markets. 


I’m DJ Sebastian, and we will continue this discussion on creating customer value in the next briefings.