Equal Business Stature


To effectively advance sales opportunities, it is important to gain access to your customer’s top executives. And to make the most of your time with executives, you must strive to attain Equal Business Stature. 


What’s that? Well, Equal Business Stature is not about having your title be at the same level as that of your customer’s executives. It’s about understanding your customer’s business, how you articulate the key areas where you can help your customer achieve greater results, and how you show a command of what you have to offer.


Here are 3 Keys: 


It means Expertise

When you have Equal Business Stature, you possess a certain level of expertise about your customer’s field or industry. It means: 

– A keen understanding of your customer’s business, overall strategy, and key initiatives;

– A knowledge of their position in their industry, how they compete against their competitors, and how they are perceived in the marketplace. 


It means Solutions that Deliver

You must have a solid understanding of how your solution can deliver substantial benefits to your customer, how they will achieve those benefits, and how you will help them along that journey. 


It means Your ability to Articulate

You can achieve Equal Business Stature when you can articulate in a strong, confident manner. Don’t let your customer’s executives conclude that you are subservient to them. Position yourself as a respected advisor by bringing value to every interaction


If customer executives consider you to be lower in stature, and sense that you’ll just waste their time, they won’t engage… you’ll be shuttled over to someone at a lower level… someone who does not have the vision, the incentive to make things happen, or the decision-making authority you will need to advance your opportunities.


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