Integrity Part 3

This is Part 3 of a three part briefing on Integrity. 

Tony Dungy, champion football coach of the Indianapolis Colts, said this:

“Integrity is the choice between what’s 

convenient and what’s right.”

Let’s look at the following scenario. 

  • Early in the selling year, your sales pipeline was very strong and you anticipated “blowing out” your quota. On impulse, you made some very large personal expenditures.
  • With one month remaining in your fiscal year, multiple deals have been delayed, and you’ve incurred some competitive losses. Your performance is way below quota.
  • One large deal looked fairly promising, and you are working feverishly to close the deal before year-end. Winning this deal will put you way above quota for the year. 
  • You’ve been warned by your management that you could be dismissed if you finish the year below quota. 
  • At the eleventh hour, your most promising customer gives you incredibly bad news: They’ve limited corporate spending, and the customer cannot complete the deal by year-end. 
  • An unscrupulous executive in your selling organization devises a scheme to hold off on sending invoices to the customer until the new year with the provision that the customer agrees to place the order immediately. 
  • Problem solved, right? Your company books the revenue, and you get quota credit (and lucrative commissions) for the deal. Everyone wins, right? Wrong. This scheme violates revenue recognition laws and is illegal. 

What would you do in this situation? It would be very convenient to look the other way—to let this scheme be executed, secure your job, and to cash in those “earned” commissions. 

Integrity is easy to choose when it is convenient. It’s much more difficult to choose during challenging times. A tarnished reputation can follow you around forever. Choose now to do what’s right… by always choosing integrity.

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