Handling Adversity


Are you ready to handle adversity in your sales efforts?


Nick Saban, champion football coach at the at the University of Alabama said this: 


“One thing about championship teams is that they’re resilient. No matter what is thrown at them, 

no matter how deep the hole, 

they find a way to bounce back and 

overcome adversity.”


Having led seven teams to national championships, Coach Saban understands. For sales professionals, your advance preparation, anticipating what could possibly go wrong, and devising an effective response is what matters. 


In life as well as in sales, it’s not possible to proceed without running into adversity along the way. Stuff happens… and it is better to accept this as fact than to declare “woe is me” when the inevitable problem occurs. 


Do not doubt that it will happen to you. 


You believe you have a well-thought-out plan, but unexpected events and unforeseen situations will occur throughout your sales cycles and your interactions with customers. The important thing is not the event that created the adversity—it’s how you respond to adversity. Don’t shy away from adversity… tackle it head on. 


Always consider that “adversity is the preparation needed for greatness.”


Learning from difficult situations will eventually benefit you once you realize the experience will help you get better. 


Adversity will be easier to handle if you anticipate it and plan for it ahead of time. 


You can’t always control the adverse events that occur… but you can control your response. So devise what would be a positive and productive response. And that’s what can lead to the desired outcome. 


I’m DJ Sebastian, for more info on what it takes to become an Elite Seller, visit my website at thetechseller.com