Champion Mindset

Do you have the mindset of a champion that it takes to be successful in sales?


Pete Carroll, champion football coach at the at the University of Southern California and the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks said this: 


“The only competition that matters is the

one that takes place within yourself.”


Coach Carroll nailed it with these words… for sales professionals, the focus, the drive, and the determination within you is the real competition that matters most. 


Building yourself into a Champion Sales Professional begins with strong personal qualities. Your personal commitment to develop the skills to be a champion will separate you from the rest. Your champion mindset within your inner being is what ultimately determines the height of your success.


Speaking of champions, Muhammad Ali, world heavyweight boxing champion, said this: 


“I am the greatest of all time.

I told everyone I was the greatest,

even before I knew I was.”


Muhammad Ali was considered brash, even arrogant when he often claimed to be “the greatest.” But he figured that saying it all the time and telling enough people would push him to be the absolute best he could be. The same holds true for me and you – what you believe about yourself is what you will become. 


With a champion mindset, you’ve already won before you even begin. Champions believe in themselves and have tremendous faith in others as well.


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