The Coming Threat – Artificial Intelligence PART 2


This is Part 2 of a three part briefing on the Coming Threat of AI.


There are Four Reasons that such a Selling Revolution is on its Way.


1) Low Productivity and High Turnover in the Sales Force 


Sales organizations suffer here as companies usually operate with an extremely short-term mindset. They look to technology that can reduce the overall cost of sales.


2) Social Communication Trends


Non-vocal communication is now acceptable for interaction with customers. Conversations that once required a face-to-face meeting or a phone call can now usually be handled through  email or text messaging. The relationship with a customer becomes very impersonal and, of course, less effective.


3) Customer Buying Trends


It is now easier than ever for customers to buy without having a sales professional engaged every step of the way. Customers often conduct their own web-based research to figure out what they think they need, and then bring in salespeople at the last minute.


4) Emergence of Advanced Technologies


Which are available today and are converging to form the foundation of sales process automation. This includes: 

  • Smart communication between machines and humans that conduct conversations to simulate human interaction.
  • Cognitive reasoning that “thinks” like a human brain to evaluate multiple alternatives and determine the best response.
  • Advanced analysis of large volumes of data to predict the most likely outcome and make the best possible recommendation.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems having robust databases that are widely used today by sales teams large and small.
  • Cloud Technology, an environment that supports ready access to these capabilities from any device anywhere in the world.


The coming transformation of sales functions won’t happen overnight… but the progression will have a dramatic impact on the sales force.


… We’ll continue this discussion on AI in sales in the next flash briefing. 


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